Glass pendent and earrings

My daughter Mantra aka iHeartUnboxing turned 10 this august. We celebrated her birthday with her friends at Paint N’ Pottery. They have many options for the party like canvas painting, clay painting, glass painting and many more. We choose to make Glass wearable art. Each guest can make 3 jewelry pieces like pendent, earrings and ring.

Everyone had fun making their own piece of art.
We have to select the base to make the jewelry as in the picture there is clear glass for pendent and for earrings is blue and black.

To make any piece of jewelry we have to select the base piece, which were available in variety of colors and sizes. They have glass cutter if we want to try different shapes.
Now time to decorate our piece with different colors of glass pieces.

Mantra decorated her pendants and earring with some colored glass pieces with 2 layers.
My pendants are in two different shapes and I tried to make my own shape for earrings by cutting edges with glass cutter.

Now they are ready to get baked in the oven.
They turned out beautiful.

Beautiful DIY glass jewelry.

We all had fun making our own piece of art.

And finally…
When in doubt… just Craft and Sew!


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