Crepe paper flowers

I enjoy making paper flowers. I have made some with cardstock and wanted to try making flowers with crepe paper. Recently, I came across to Lia Griffith’s  you tube channel and she has great tutorials for making crepe paper flowers. So, I ordered some  extra fine crepe paper which comes with assortment of beautiful floral colors.

Crepe paper is similar to party streamers, thicker than tissue paper and is wrinkly. The gathers on this paper makes it easy to shape the flower petals. This paper is of good quality, easy to work and easy to cut 8 petals at once.

Me and my daughter aka iHeartUnboxing made some flowers with crepe paper and used distress ink to shade the petals and leaves.

Hibiscus Flower
Plumeries flower
Calla Lily Flower

To make these beautiful flowers you will also need floral tape, glue gun and floral wire.

Get the templates to make these gorgeous flowers at

And finally…
When in doubt… just Craft and Sew!



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