My first ever Convention

I recently attended my first Crazy Crafters Convention 2017 in Mobile, Alabama from Aug 3 – 7, 2017. This was my first ever convention and convention’s first year. The convention was mainly for Cricut and Silhouette users and for those who enjoy paper crafting. I had a blast attending the convention. It was fun meeting other crafters with similar interests and learning new techniques from the instructors.

Thursday was for registration followed by a welcoming session, trade show preview and pajama party with chocolate fantasy break.

Friday and Saturday were  for classes with some popup events and giveaways.
When there were no classes scheduled, we did some crafting in general crafting area. Trade shows were open during the day. It was fun to craft, shop and chat with new friends.
Award Banquet dinner on Saturday

The classes covered were,

  • How to start business, target markets, trademark laws, Cold emailing/sales
  • Inkscape and design space 3
  • All about Silhouette
  • Cricut 101
  • Layering with vinyl
  • Off the mat projects
  • Paper flower bouquet, giant flowers
  • Beached woodworks, chalk paste creations
  • Glass and metal etching
  • T-shirt tricks
  • Snap mat, canvas projects
  • How to build cup rotisserie
  • Sublimation 101

I attended Six of the above sessions.
First one was ‘How to start business’ by Ms Denise. She covered all the topics that are important to know before you start your business.
Second one I attended was ‘Layering with Ashley’ by Ashley Chauvin. In this class she shared her tips and techniques for layering vinyl with multiple colors.

Third class was ‘ Off the mat’ by Ms Lori Huhn. She taught us how to create projects in design space 3 that are larger than the mat.
Forth class was ‘Beached woodworks’ by Sheryll. This class covered techniques used in distressed painting with organic paint products to a piece of unfinished wood.

Made this during Beached woodworks class by Sheryll

Fifth class was ‘Paper Flower bouquet’ by Miss Lori Huhn. Learned 5 uniques flowers with techniques to give different looks.

Flowers made during Paper Flower bouquet class by Miss Lori Huhn


Last class was ‘Metal Etching’ by Christine. This class covered techniques to use engraving bit to create a design on aluminium bracelet blank and a framed art piece out of a thin sheet of aluminum.

Everyone enjoyed the speed crafting event with all the Master Crafters who shared their non Cricut talents in 10 minutes or less.

speed crafting
Speed Crafting

During the White Elephant event we exchanged some gifts with other crafting friends but in a different way by playing a game like musical chair. Everyone got a surprised gift.

There were contests two of them were free and others were paid. I entered for the paper flower contest and Name tag Creativity.  I won the Paper flower contest!
I made a wall decoration by using these  flowers made with Cricut Pearl paper.

I glued these flowers on each Rossette I made with printer paper and glued ribbon to attach them to make a wall hanging.

Trade show was full of different varieties of vinyl, organic paints, fabric.

For upcoming conventions by Crazy Crafters visit :-

All in all this was a great experience and I highly recommend this convention to anyone interested.

And finally…
When in doubt… just Craft and Sew!


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