AG Doll clothes show off

I enjoy sewing dresses for our doll Summer. Sewing for a doll is easy as they never complain, never get tired of trying new clothes and they are always ready to model their beautiful dresses.
I would like to show off some of these dresses I have made so far.

LovefromLola has a great collection of doll clothes patterns. Below are some dresses I made for our doll Summer and they look beautiful.

If you want to make one check the link below

Doll clothes patterns by OhSewKat  are versatile. Every pattern has variations to modify the look. Take a look at the dresses, Summer is wearing.

Want to make one like this? Want to take a look at the different looks with the same pattern? Check the link below

Clubmatilda offers patterns  for Doll dresses, shoes, accessories and PVC projects.

Check this website below if you want to make these dresses and some other fun projects for your doll.;post_type=product

Sewing doll clothes require a minimum amount of fabric. Also, you can use some scraps to make a lovely outfit for your doll.

And finally…
When in doubt… just Craft and Sew!



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