My crafting projects with Cricut! (Vinyl Projects)

Want to see how I used Vinyl scraps in my projects? Here are some pictures.

Want to do some nail art with vinyl scraps and Cricut? Upload the design you like and size it down to between .25 – .75 inches.  You will find pretty designs at Cricut Design Space.
Give a touch of your creations with vinyl art on Fidget spinner using circular monogram for initials.
You can add design to  Mentos or any other tin cans with Vinyl scraps, as this one has Gryffindor Mascot on it.
These are the Kindle covers and they got their own touch of art. Don’t they look great now?
Mantra’s Bank – the weekly allowance folder.

Monogram letter designing –
Star Trek and many other cool fonts –

And finally…
When in doubt… just Craft and Sew!


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