My crafting projects with Cricut! (T-shirts using HTV)

I would like to share my first projects and also some T-shirts using HTV with you. Let me know if you like my creations.

Birthday Card
My First Project with Cricut – Birthday Card. You can find this template at Cricut Design Space.
Yummy Strawberries – Easy fun project to do.  Just put some candies and tie them up and they are ready to be opened as a surprise gift. You can find this template at Cricut Design Space.
Don’t you love soft furballs? This one to make Sheldon proud.
Specially made for my daughter Mantra aka iHeartUnboxing on YouTube
At National Math Festival in Washington DC. Here is iHeartUnboxing with her custom-made I ❤ Math T-shirt. We got a lot of compliments for the clever caption.
Harry Potter T-shirt
Apparently, iHeartUnboxing is a big Potterhead. This is her Ravenclaw uniform.

Here are the links for the HTV svgs files if you would like to make one :

Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty –
I Heart Math –
Harry Potter themed tie –

And finally…
When in doubt… just Craft and Sew!


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